Coffee, palaces, cakes, cathedrals – Vienna

You are waking up in a nice sunny morning to the sound of church bells and you are opening your eyes to see through the window the center of the Austrian capital right as it is – beautiful old buildings, cathedrals on every corner, palaces which were homes to the Habsburg dynasty for so long and much smaller houses which sheltered musicians like Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert. Having breakfast in a small restaurant somewhere in this city, where on stone streets in carriages princesses and princes and kings and queens travelled so that theyabv can reach their other even more luxurious homes or a garden with roses and fountains and pure beauty. You are still in this same restaurant, tasting the famous Vienna coffee – the bitterness of the espresso and the sweetness of the cream complement in a magical beverage that not only awakes you, but awakes all your senses, and you don’t need more time, you felt the delightful spirit of this magnificent city right here.

You visit the palaces and you feel like you are in a fairy tale. You are amazed by the impressive and majestic rooms and by the stories about the life here. And these are not made up, they are real and the people who live here seriously loved and hated and they were fighting for power, they organized balls and they were dancing together, they were wearing long incredible and stunning dresses and splendid suits, they were walking in the gardens and they were discussing the life of so many, because theywere responsible for the life of so many. The kings and the queens and their children and servants were walking down the same stairs and were enjoying the same views just like you do now. And the way you feel here is impressive and unforgettable and there is something that draws you and makes you want to come back again and again.

And after you travel in time back to the reality, you are walking through the Vienna’s center and it is not less inspiring. On the one street you can find the fashion shops of the world-known designers and the window displays are wonderfully beautiful and you can simply walk and watch these pieces of art, because fashion is art indeed. And then you are on another street where there are only souvenirs shops and small craft ones and you walk in there and you feel the touristic spirit, not the aristocratic one. But it is all worth it because soon you reachStephansdom – this magnificent baroque cathedral is more than you have imagined – you can simply stay in front of it and admire the precious and enthralling architecture. This is not a building, it’s a masterpiece. You go in there and on the top of it and you go out and you are out of breath and you are amazed and excited. Calm down. Sit in one of the charming coffee shops and get a Sacher cake – oh, only now you’ve reached the flawlessness.


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