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The key to a successful home maintenance

Home maintenance

Home maintenance is something like a topic more eternal than the love and the friendship, the trust, the freedom.

It is something that will exist as long as homes exist and people live in them and they want to keep them in the best condition possible. But the pure desire or wish is in life completely not enough and to make it happen is a lot harder than to want it be in a certain way. For this same reason the home maintenance seems to be one of the most strenuous tasks, simply because it is not something you should do once only, it is something you have to do on a daily basis.

Cleaning every surface

And think about it, if you had to clean your entire house once a year, you would do your best then, cleaning every surface and removing every stain and every dust’s particle.

But the ugly truth is that you should do it again and again, day after day, without taking a rest and a week off, believing that it will be all good, because it won’t be.hotel-room-1447201_640 If you skip a cleaning, you will notice it and it won’t be pleasant and nice. With the time, I am sure that you have jumped to this same conclusion and you have created something like a cleaning routine you stick to. And right here is hidden the key to the most successful home maintenance ever, to the one that will keep your home in a condition that will surprise even the best London’s cleaners, when they come for a move out cleaning, for instance.

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Cleaning routine

Every week replace one of the tasks of your cleaning routine with a much deeper clean-up.

Vacuum-cleaning, dust removal, kitchen cleaning, windows washing, bathroom clean-up – this is something like your cleaning routine, right? So what you should do is perform it just like any other week, but change one of those tasks with a little bit more serious one. So instead of simply tidying up the kitchen, clean it deeply this week, taking care of all the appliances, removing the grease from the oven and even hiring a professional cleaning team to do it instead, take care of the microwave,coffee-1284041_640 the toaster, the coffee maker and don’t forget the dishwasher as well, it’s not self washable at all. After that go through every surface with a disinfecting product, removing the dust and the grime and finish with a microfiber cloth for perfection.

In this video you will see how to optimize your cleaning routine.

Your kitchen won’t need such a deep cleaning next week and then you can focus on the bathroom – clean the hard water stains, the shower, put the shower curtain in the washing machine with some towels, which will actike scrubbers and will remove the soap scum, clean the toilet bowl and the sink, disinfect well and kill all the bacteria living there. Use water, a lot of it. If you keep following this tactic, the result will be more than obvious, it will surprise you and amaze you and leave you out of breath.


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