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How to clean the carpet from stains

No matter how clean you keep your home, the old carpets are full with dust, stains and look dirty. Regular cleaning refreshes the carpet and removes stains. There are many methods to clean the carpet stains, most of which are not safe due to the toxic preparations that are designed for this purpose. It is possible to clean the contaminated surfaces by yourself by preparing the cleaning product. The effect will even be more satisfactory than the one you are expected to get using toxic preparations. With home-made cleaning agents, you have the opportunity to flavor your own, and save some money, among other things. Which, in fact, is pretty good for the family budget.

Here’s how to clean the carpet when you do it yourself.

Step 1

Clean the carpet with a broom to straighten the textile threads and pick up the dust that is on the upper layer of theImage of carpet flooring. Mix one portion of borax with two parts of corn flour. This blend cleans the stains, protects from the appearance of mold and unpleasant odors. For carpets with very heavy odors, it is advisable to use bread soda.

Step 2

Soda or a mixture of corn flour and borax scatter on the surface of the entire carpet, leaving it for at least an hour. During this time the unpleasant odor guaranteed disappears. The only thing you have to do after 60 minutes is to tap or drain the carpet and leave it in an airy place for at least another hour. Serious stains on the carpet can be removed using a mixture of equal parts of water and vinegar. If the carpet stains are not so dark, use lemon juice and salt to get rid of them. If you have any doubt that these solutions can damage the carpet, take a sample of the inner lotion.

Step 3

So moisten the affected area with the pre-mixed mixture and rub well. Leave for 15 – 20 minutes then brush or wet with a dry cloth.

An advice:

When it happens so you do not want to spill any mixture on the floor, never water on the stain to clean it. This may make it brighter, but it will smell the larger space. If you spill, try to absorb as much of the liquid as possible.

If all this seems to be too much work, hire a carpet cleaning machine, but our advice is not to fill the tank with different chemicals, but with the vinegar and water solution. In the extreme case, if it is impossible to remove the stains, the solution is a little more expensive, but it still has it. Leave the carpets on dry cleaning contact a cleaning agency. You can try the Carpet Cleaning in Royal Tunbridge Wells. The company (go here to visit the site) offers big assortment of cleaning services like one-off cleaning, regular cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, oven cleaning as well as carpet cleaning.

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